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style diary

To coordinate please email

The style diary is a program we created to let people interpret house of 950 on their own. We will ship 3 – 5 looks to you depending on your size and you will be able to style them in your own way. By participating in this program you agree to take awesome pictures (plural) of yourself (or have someone take them of you) and return the clothes to us undamaged. You must also return the clothes within 7 days. If you wish to purchase any of the items you received, you will be able to at 25% off of retail value. For security purposes you must provide a credit card, and we will in no way charge you for any reason without contacting you about the issue first. We pay shipping there, you pay shipping back. (right now this program is only limited to the US, but other countries are available if you pay shipping both ways)

If you live in LA feel free to come by our studio to choose pieces you would like to borrow.


to apply please email

We are currently looking for people to fill the following internship positions in nyc and or la:

social media / marketing : part time, unpaid - (1-2 days per week)

Relevent skills required.
Helping with photoshoots and documenting daily process.
Website Updating
Help with Trade Shows, Pop Up Events

fashion design intern : part time, unpaid (1-2 days per week)

Pattern Making, Development, Walking
Fabric Sourcing
Help with Trade Shows, Pop Up Events