collections to us = "parts"

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 1.11.12 PM.png

part 12: enhanced

modernizing traditional silhouettes with enhanced detailing and combinations, tyvek paneling, missing pieces, minimal seaming.


part 8: sidelines

using unusual fabrics for usual garments. sidelines, not being the center of attention, but at the event. tee shirt magnified 5 times, windbreaker pants, sport mesh, nylon knit shirting.


part 7: picture of a house

Introduction of a printed tee with mirror writing so the print is only readable for the wearer. Clothing made form tyvek. Experimentation through texture and silhouette. We revisited genderless garments. Extreme comfort translating into style through silhouette (cut out sweat pictured).


part 6: self portrait

a self fulfilling prophecy, clothing inspired by the wearer itself.


part 5: open doors

word play, sweatSHIRT! (pictured), teeSHIRT!, hunchback. Creating clothing based on the "true meaning" of words. long (maybe too long) sleeve. double dress. We were thinking about propagation, how one plant can become a copy from itself, but not be identical. -- Using the same pattern manipualtions to create different garments. --


part 4: here nor there

Here nor there, up nor down, young yet old, modern but classic, reality but fantasy

cliché yet new


part 3: past, present continuous

Yesterday was, now is. Trendless, referenceless, purely ideological.


part 2: is it?

Focused on our identity (is it us?) and developed our customer. Developping our idea of “classics". creating pattern making concepts that evolve from one style to the next.


part 1: not only

Debut collection focused on multifunctional, gender-neutral clothing. Presented at Cue Art Foundation, the concept of "House" was introduced. Inspirationless, austere comfort, functionality, sustainability.