Embroidery tees, by house of 950, is a project born out of a subversion of the domestic resulting in political, irreverent, and emotive tees.

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? No problem! Write whatever you want on our custom embroidery tee.

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$45 each
$50 for each custom tee

want more than 5?
email: crib@houseof950.com

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- # -
404 - page not found

- b -
back rolls??

barely breathing

bitches are goats

bite me

boy bye!

- c -
cactus (drawing)

can we not?


can't even

chronological timeline

chez moi

conceptual reality

consent is sexy

creativity lost to capitalism

••• custom tee •••

- d -

decolonize now!

deep thots

digital penetration

digital pheromones


disinformation campaign

doing the best i can

don't call me ever again

don't mess with me

- e -
earth (drawing)

eat me!

eat pray barf

emoji eyes (drawing)

- f -
false equivalency

find me on aim

fuck off

fugly slut

fully gone

- g -
g2g talk l8tr

gay baby

- h -
hahah is less gloomy than shit


he / she / they

heavy metals
br> hello, i'm trash

help me hiding my flaws

hotline tee (chari-tee)

humans are trash

- i -
i don't fart

i was someone before you

i'm an embryo!

i'm with them

instagram is lonely

internet sex


is art, art?

- l -

lemon (drawing)

live in peace

"living an authentic life"

low battery

- m -
made of spare parts

maybe i'll do it (drawing)

- n -
natural beauty

noted with thanks

nude woman in repose (drawing)

- o -
omg bb brb

- p -

phone keys wallet

pink pussy (chari-tee)

pray for me

- s -
save america with sage sticks

sex work is real work

slave to the (algo)rhythm

smells like i don't care

smiley :) (drawing)

spicy barney

straight for pay

straight to voicemail

- t -
ten years ago i was ugly

tester tee

that little girl was me

til death do i kill you

to have and to ghost

tropical leaf (drawing)

turn off your phone

- u -
unanswered call



- v -
vil ha dig

- w -
wet dreams

what the actual fuck?

what's the point?

who what when where why how??

“working from home”

why am i here?