the house's west village guide

the house's west village guide



head over to joseph leonard for breakfast and most defintely get the croissant sandwich or saucisson. be sure to get there before 10 otherwise you won't get a table. the menu isnt extensive but what they do have is super high quality and presented well. the restuarant is on a corner and has an interesting shape and interior. it sort of feels like a resturant in belgium and the outside is surrounded with beautiful plants.

if you're looking for somthing more casual and quick you should go to o cafe on the corner of 6th ave and 12th street. they have a range of healthy breakfasts from acai bowls with granola, to egg quiche with spinach. order at the counter and choose a seat at the window ledge or a spot at the larger tables if you want some space to work on your laptop. this is a go to spot for coffee and tea as well.

Walk and Relax:

  • walk to the park on the corner of greenwich ave and 7th ave. there is a beautful architectural structure dedicated as an aids memorial. in the center of the structure is a rippling fountain and adjacent is a peaceful well manicured park.
  • check out bank street between greenwich ave and west 4th, to see beautiful brownstones and tree lined streets, you can also walk on west 4th between 10th and bank street to see cute restaurants and shops.

  • extra virgin is a great place for brunch and dinner as well, try to get a table outside so you can enjoy the west village.

  • tartine is fun in the summer time for dinner because its byob, they charge a small corking fee but it's nothing compared to having your favorite bottle of not so exspensive wine ;)


2nd city is an awesome filipino fusion restaurant. it's pretty small and intimate, it really only has a bar with chairs and a single table by the window. in nice weather they have a bench outside that is fun to sit on and eat with friends. order one of their burritos because they are so fucking good.

rosemary's is incredible. it can be a little on the pricey side depending on what you get, but the mushroom foccacia appetizer is literally heaven on earth. they have a nice selection of different types of foods for lunch: pasta, sandwiches, salads etc. on nicer days they have seating outside and open the restaurant windows which are basically giant glass walls. the setting is really nice and relaxing.

local culture:

  • walk on bleeker between hudston street and christopher street. there are a lot of shops to explore on a cute tree lined street.
  • check out sockerbit , it is literally my favorite candy shop in the world. its on the christopher street between bleeker and 7th ave. get the sour coke bottles!

  • walk on hudson street between christopher and bank, 2nd city is there, as well as many other restuarants and cute shops.

afternoon coffee

go to the elk. they have great coffee and tea in a really cute environtment. on nicer days they have a bench outside to sit and it's really peaceful as well as a good spot to people watch, if the bench is full go sit on the stoop across the street and pretend you live in those beautiful brownstones. they also let you do discounted refils. (score!)


  • aria is a really fun exciting place to get dinner. there is tons of energy, communal bar and seating or seperate tables, fun music and sexy lighting. it's defintely a place you want to share multiple dishes. there are too many favorites to list any, but there is 100% something for everyone. go with an apetite because you will want to try lots of different things! it's located on perry st between greenich st and hudson st.

  • mew men is my favorite ramen in the city. all of the ramens are good, but I like the spicy one! the fried chicken apetizer is super tender and moist - get it for sure. also don't forget to ask them for a seasoned egg and extra ramen noodles! it's located on cornelia street between west 4th and bleeker.

  • Johns Pizza is hands down my favorite pizza in nyc (okay so tied with prince street pizza). Go with friends and go hungry. try to get a booth. share beers, get pizza, have fun. the settings is unique, tons of pictures and people have carved funny things into the wood paneling and booths.


  • magnolia's. cholocate banana bread pudding. it's on the corner of 11th street and bleeker. nothing more need be said.

  • snowdays is really interseting. it's korean shaved cream. the setting is pretty standard but the cream is delious. i recommend moose tracks. it's like eating the texture of snow. find it on the south east corner of perry st and 7th ave


  • employees only on hudson street is really fun in a cool environment. it has really unique drinks and is a hot spot. usually i only ever get a seat at the bar.

  • the little branch on 7th ave and leroy st is more intimate. (cash only) it has a definite speak easy vibe and is good for dates as the lighting is forgiving ;).

  • vignt sur vignt is an intimate wine bar on 11th and greenwich ave. here you can get a charcuterie and cheese plate that is really really good.

  • the cubby hole is a lesbian bar, but welcomes all. it;s a really fun bar on 12th street and west 4th with island like decor.
Ebony shot by Emily Krouse

Ebony shot by Emily Krouse

Portland Pop Up first few days

Portland Pop Up first few days