Rupaul's Drag Race Rucap Season 10: Episode 2 - Pharmarusical

Rupaul's Drag Race Rucap Season 10: Episode 2 - Pharmarusical

EPISODE 2 HAS COME AND KITTY GIRLS, it was like, pretty good. Was I gagged? No. Was I entertained? Always.

1 down, 13 to go.

It opens with Kalorie cleaning off the mirror, can someone get her some good Windex? I’ve noticed that they spray they use doesn’t actually clean the mirrors at all.

Rupaul can’t even thinking about miss vanjie, she is cracking up when Michelle keeps saying it in her ear.


Monét is as delusional as Monique says she is. I mean we already talked about that sponge dress last week, but yes, it’s ugly. I think if she cut off the bottom it would have been better, more like a Comme Des Garcons silhouette.

Asia is cracking me up with everything she does, she is so fucking funny and I am not sure if she knows she is or if she is putting on a front but she is great.

Kalorie and The Vixen are trying to start the drama between Miz Cracker and Aquaria, but Aquaria is shying away from being confrontational. TBH they are friends in real life I am wondering how much people are just trying to create drama for TV. I mean it is interesting to watch for sure, but it seems kind of obvious there is nothing there.

The Vixen said she wants to have peace in California, but she also said if she wants to fight, conflicting stories girl… did you see her holding up that paper note saying the Vixen will fight? lol

When they walk in the next day Eureka and Kalorie have this chant “big girls, big girls comin’ through, watch out bitches cause we’ll eat you” – I never want to hear this ever again. They didn’t even say it in unison.

She done already don’t had herses – everyone is confused; I am guessing now that a doll means a pill.

Ru and Andy Cohen come in, is it just me, or is Andy Cohen not as funny as he thinks he is? Maybe it’s just me because he’s rich and I’m bitter and jealous. Mini Challenge: Hoe Down Realness, most entertainting dancer wins.

The girls have 20 minutes to get ready and into quick drag. I think the point of this is to look as ridiculous as possible and it gets lost on some of the girls. To me this was kind of an uneventful challenge with Asia and Yuhua being the standouts. Aquaria's part was funny, but it just showed her “taking” the horse and not really dancing with it, although some people might call that a dance of love. Lol. She's a winner in my book!

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I am calling Andy’s taste level into question by choosing The Vixen as the co-winner with Asia, but maybe there were more entertaining things happening off screen.

Asia and the Vixen choose teams and I understand why Eureka was chosen last after they explained that she talks too much and is uncooperative. I am not really sure why they chose Mayhem second to last though, because she won last week’s challenge.

Team Asia:


Team The Vixen:

The Vixen
Miz cracker

Hahaha omg rewatching the episode I am hearing all these jokes I didn’t hear the first time around. Miz Cracker said the script looks thick girl, and usually she likes thick but this time is scares her. Hahah

The Vixen is really painting herself as a bitch and the other girls are just like wtf is going on? She assigns the rolls how she wants to.

Asia’s team is already showing that Eureka is trying to take the team leader role and not be a team player. She is being extra and annoying everyone. I think her and Asia are just like oil and water, sometimes you have to personality aside and just do the challenge. In a time crunch you have to bite the bullet and roll with the punches like the other girls Eureka! They start to make and practice their choreography, it’s cute, not amazing. Monét makes a reference to “Bring It On” the movie and it was hilarious and seemed true at the time.

Mama Ru comes in and talks to the teams to see where there are at and what they are thinking.

After the first episode I hoped we would be done with Eureka’s sob story, but it is a continuing theme throughout this episode too.

Kalorie talks about her body ody ody again…

Mama Ru is with Team Vixen and it’s pretty uneventful except for the fact they haven’t done any choreo and Ru calls them out.

Team Asia with special guest Alyssa Edwards!!! She is one of my favorite all time queens and she got totally shafted in AS2. She had the most amazing come up on drag race, see pic below – LOL.


Alyssa is doing the choreo for the Pharmarusical. Eureka keeps telling everyone she is doing well but is crying on the inside. All of her critiques to the girls are warranted. A queen’s time on Drag Race is definitely limited and you have to bring it to the ball every second of the day. Yes, it is a place for you to learn and step your pussy up, but you have to be at the top of your game already.

The Vixen explains why she picked her team, the quiet girls so they would just sit there and get their work done, and she had a good strategy. She talks about how she wanted to fuck with Aquaria by picking her, but she was smart by just focusing on the challenge. Again, she tries to stir the drama between Cracker and Aquaria, girl needs to lay off and not be involved in other people’s drama unless necessary. If she really wanted to start some drama she should have said that she things Cracker faked her way all the way to RPDR!

Alyssa literally has to pull the drama out of these queens, telling them to go full force. If anyone has learned anything from past seasons of the race is that you should go crazy and too much and then have people pull you back rather than having them pull the energy out of you.

Then we see more sob story between Eureka and Alyssa…

Then we see Alyssa with team Vixen and it is the same, we have to watch her pull the drama out of the queens, tell them to go further with their characterization. She calls them out for being shaky and I agree. But they aren’t giving any excuses and they are just listening and internalizing the critiques which was good.

Blair learning this dance looks like a giraffe walking for the first time, it’s super cute, but you just want to hold her up so she doesn’t fall. I think she wore the wrong shoes? Like she is sliding around the stage or something. No one took the critiques personally and they are there to work!

Back in the work room we see team Asia, and Eureka is falling apart… we are at full blown nuclear melt down right now. I feel bad for her, I do, but I also feel like we saw it all last episode and it is sucking up a lot of the airtime. The queens are telling her that she isn’t going to be a mess, but it was incorrect foreshadowing! Haha. (cause she was a mess) Asia is calling like it is though in her confessionals.

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Nothing really happens when we see the queens putting on their makeup. There is some dialogue but it isn’t that memorable just more sob stories. I think RDPR is turning into the voice.


Team Asia

First thing is Eureka’s shoes, girl, those are some ballet flats that you keep in your bag after you went on an interview with heels and she knew like 1 in every 7 words.

Monique was fine, it wasn’t explosive energy, but she did something.

Kalorie had super low energy and totally lost in the mix.

Yuhua was cute and energetic and giving a different energy.

Dusty did her musical thing with her jazz heel and gave a lot of effort and cheekiness.

Aquaria was fine also, she was cute and knew the words and worked hard.

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Asia knew all her words but I was getting an 80% vibe from her.

Can we talk about the chairs? Wtf was that about? It was so strange and seemed lazy. I wasn’t into it. They looked like those Japanese workouts for grandmas at home alone.


Team The Vixen:

The energy was so much better and they were way more into characters.

The Vixen was really funny and looked the part, she knew all her words!

Blair looked amazing, her costume and make up were great! I really loved her hair.

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Kameron really surprised me, she comes to life in drag and was super animated.

Miz Cracker was good too, but she wasn’t a super stand out for me though.

Monét was really funny too, her face is full of expressions and she knew all the words and the moves.

Mayhem was good too but she was giving me a little bit of a Kennedy vibe which was fine for this episode, but I like the fierce Mayhem from Episode 1 runway more.

The Main stage: Category is, best drag.

Asia’s outfit was great, and I loved the color on her. Again, her make up is so fucking fierce.


Yuhua: It was cute, it is definitely not best drag. You cannot come out here in a leotard and tell me you look the best you’ve ever looked. It’s a little dance mom’s costume.


Dusty: She looked great, I liked her studded blazer. Those fishnets were ripped! Hahaha, but it was cute, and intentional. I noticed that she pull her hair back to show her earrings, that was cute. She didn’t do the Scary Bradshaw that much this time which I appreciated.


Monique: It was cute, but like Padma said, it was all set design no story. The conversation between the two looks didn’t happen. Maybe if she took it from the cookie monster to and ahh real monsters moment and then put the eyes in her hands, it could have made sense!

welcome_back__you_little_snot_suckers__by_the_man_of_tomorrow-d99r48f (1).png

Kalorie: Best drag? No. Boot. It’s basic.


Eureka: the sequined thing is cute, she looks good, its future now. I’m not gagged, but its solid.


Aquaria: She looked good, I loved this dress, it was really fashion forward. I could have done without the asparagus hair though. She needed to Coco Chanel that look. Take one thing off before you leave the house! I really don’t mind that she wasn’t wearing any padding, it was a big fuck you to gender norms.


The Vixen: This dress is fierce she looks good. I like that her hair was simple and not like a huge flame emoji, but the wig was a little far back, especially around her ear it looked kinf of strange.


Miz Cracker: That dress was really good, she looked like she should be in Tron or something, the hair was funny. I am enjoying the fan art of her hair more than I was her actual hair.


Mayhem: It was alright, I mean her makeup was really good. I didn’t get a best drag vibe. I didn’t like the tulle jacket stoll (spelling?) thing she was wearing.


Blair: She looked good, this is a fucking TOOT. She brought best drag to the ball. The fit could have been a little bit better. Like more cinched on her waist. Overall she killed it.


Kameron: That look was fierce. I liked the body suit with the butterflies. She was giving a whole story, it was fantasy and it was interesting definitely brought something to the ball. I love that she made a fern gulley reference. I was so terrified of that swamp monster.


Monét: She looked good, I liked it, but if I were her backstage and saw all these body suits I would have changed real quick.


Team Vixen Wins! I think it was well deserved. I wish I could have heard critiques from the judges though. Blair sheds a single tear.

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The Critiques:

They weren’t that interesting. I wasn’t shocked by any of the comments. They are kind of just pointing out what we knew was going to happen all episode.

Eureka and Kalorie are in the bottom two.

The lip sync also wasn’t jaw dropping. Eureka obviously won it. Kalorie goes home and she wants you to remember that carbs are friends and food, and it's like yeah girl we know that, we eat as well.

Eureka needs to step it up or sashay away.

Rupauls Drag Race Season 10 Episode 2 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race-source (7).gif

I don’t really want to get into untucked because it was just a sob story between Eureka and Kalorie back and forth. Womp womp womp. Save it for the Voice!

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