RuPaul's Drag Race Rucap Season 10  Episode 1: 10's across the board.

RuPaul's Drag Race Rucap Season 10 Episode 1: 10's across the board.

DRAG RACE SEASON 10 – OMG, I have seriously been waiting for this SO long, one week to be exact!

So let’s just get to it. (fyi there are two videos commentaries at the bottom of the page that are like 3 hours total)


Eureka coming in HOT (literally) in flames with her risen from the dead phoenix look, it looks good, body suit with a shoulder detail seems to be a running theme for drag queens in general. She is always reaching for that joke, sometimes funny sometimes not, but at least she is giving personality.

Eureka Entrance.jpg

Asia O’Hara with her cowboy fringe giving me life. She looks SO good, her makeup is flawless and is so seamless. She says she’s a pageant queen, but from all of her looks that she has given so far with the promo’s etc. I am getting a creative queen vibe. I think she is going to have a lot offer and will go really far in the competition.

Asia entrance.jpg

Miz Cracker comes in third and has a hilarious tagline but I don’t ever want to hear her say I’m thin whhhhiiiite and salty again. One more time I am going to lose it. Her look is fierce henny, but I think she needed to wrap some hair around the bottom of the grapefruit because it was looking like Carmen Carrera during that challenge where her headpiece was falling off! Miz is obviously funny, smart and polished, so I definitely can’t wait for more of her.

Miz Cracker Entrance.jpg

Yuhua Hamasaki comes in fourth with her geisha look, she is a lot funnier than I was expecting her to be, she seems very natural and ready to be on camera. She has quick one liners and is not afraid of keeping it real.

Yuhua Entrance.jpg

Blair St Clair is fifth in the room – Broadway diva extraordinaire and is also the ingénue, can you be both? (haha). She is the first Indy queen to ever be on the show so that is exciting for me because I am from Indy too! Her coat isn’t so fabulous but her make-up and hair look great.

blaire entrance.jpg

Monét Xchange is sixth in the room. She comes in with her workwear mechanic Rosie the riveter jump suit that looks really cute but then does a tear away to show a look that is so similar to Bob the drag queens Madonna look! She is super funny and seems like she will be a front runner in the competition.

Monet Entrance.jpg

Kameron Michaels coming in as a rocker bohemian chick 8th into the work worm. She has her bondage accessories on, her tagline is meh – girl we get it you’re the muscle queen. It’s the first episode and I am already tired of hearing about that – show us your talent! Can’t wait to see it. Yuhua said “that’s a man Maury” when she walked in, haha it made me LOL hard. Miz Cracker was thirsty too!

Kameron Entrance.jpg

Mayhem Miller came in to “crash the party” and is looking good! She looks fabulous but the dark red velvet/velour is adding a little bulk to her body. Her transformation from boy to girl is mind-blowing to me, she looks like such different people in and out of drag. L I V I N G for her makeup skills.

Mayhem Entrance.jpg

Kalorie Karbdashian Williams comes in and I am not feeling what she’s trying to throw. Her body suit looks cheap, you can see her underwear lines peak out, she called herself the twerk queen but nothing shakes when she twerks, more on that later! I’m confused. She seems nice and genuine but I am getting a whole lot of affected personality and not her true self. Forget about the Kardashians girl and be yourself, we already get enough of them on TV. Blair read her for winning the pageants with no other queens, that was funny.


Monique Heart came in flavorful as Eureka said. Lol. Monique is the ooo ah ah sensation. I’m not sure what that means? Maybe the ooooooo ahhhhhh ahhhhhh like wow omg living? But the way she is saying it doesn’t seem that way? I like her look its interesting but its super busy.

Monique Entrance.jpg

Dusty Ray Bottoms never loved ya. I am so mixed on her look. I liked the proportion of it, but it was poorly executed, from the back you can tell the skirt didn’t fit right and she was trying to cover it up with the belt. She was also wearing a ripped up tee shirt, but not even ripped up enough to be like punkish, just looked kind of ratty but in a too intentional sort of way. The dots are cute, but signatures in drag race tend to be the downfall of queens.

Dusty Ray Entrance.jpg

The Vixen is here to fight! And it seems like a lot. I liked all the references of her CHICAGO look (Chicago bull’s basketball team, with the skyline on her skirt, John Hancock building and Willis Tower) but it almost looks like its chocking her. Like she can’t even put her head down for fear of decapitation. (writing this I just got déjà vu?! Why?) Loved when they cut to Monét rolling her eyes when The Vixen says Chicago has the best queens.

vixen entrance.jpg

Vanessa Vanjie Matteo wants us to get these cookies, but I don’t want none of these cookies. She sounds like the cookie monster is that why she said that? Her look looks like a Marie Antoinette couch that has been stripped of all value. Her personality is a lot! I hope she can tone it down some and show more of herself instead of a caricature of a reality tv star.

Vanessa Entrance.jpg

Aquaria comes in last and I love her look, she looks super good but her attitude is cocky AF and it could be her downfall. Love her hair that is a mix of Joan Jett and Daniel Boone, her chest strap and cool latex skirt. Already the producers are setting up drama between her and Miz Cracker, let’s see if any of that is real!

Aquaria Entrance.jpg

Favorite entrance look goes to Aquaria.

Is it just me that I don’t love it when the queens come in and are all screaming because they know each other? It’s all screams and gags, like I’m sure they knew they were there already.

Side note sometimes I feel like these queens just make up words to describe themselves but it seriously doesn’t translate to their actual look! Hopefully this isn’t a trend throughout the season, I need girls to know their references!!

She already done herses message was A LOT, like I get it, she was using all of the past winner’s names but it wasn’t always smooth, sometimes I was like does that make sense? Whatever it’s drag race.

Mini Challenge!

I just want to say that Jinx was cracking me up the entire time and Morgan looked like Tabatha Coffee, which we didn’t get to see in AS3 but I wish we did. I also want to see more of Darienne she is so funny!!! Underrated queen.

Eureka – Did she work it? Not sure, and almost broke her knee AGAIN! Could be PTSD, loved the comments, was that Peppermint? She is so funny.

Mayhem Miller – She can dance, loved seeing her personality shine through and that cartwheel in the gown was amaze.

Miz Cracker – She’s funny and can go with the flow, her earrings fell off and then she just chucked the other one into the crowd and she did her cute one liners.

Asia – I am L I V I N G G G G G for her on the runway. I love how she looks and how she walks, Peppermint again comes through with a hilarious commentary. Asia can work her Hair too!!!!

Kalorie – Best part of her was the comment from Darienne. I love bread!!

Monique Heart – She can dance!! She also has a lot of confidence and let’s see how that pans out. It’s good to be confident but not overly!

The Vixen – She can dance too! Jinx again cracking me up with her comments about her being from Chicago. Her skirt is falling apart and she kept going, but I would rather if the skirt didn’t fall apart.

Dusty – She just walked around looking scared

Yuhua – She is surprising me being funny and goofy and am excited to see what she brings to the competition.

Vanessa – Most of her time on the runway was spent explaining her name and showing her in the confessional. It looks like she has some moves though.

source (3).gif

Kameron Michaels – She kind of dances like a Russian go go girl. Mariah was right, she knew how to toss her hair around. I liked that Kameron was honest in the confessional about her mixed reactions.

source (4).gif

Monét – She was so hilarious, I loved everything about this, she can dance, she knows her references, her death drops were hilarious! I have never seen that done before and I died.

Blair – She was really cute, she did her thing, she moved around and in general she is so happy to be here! I hope they give her more airtime.


Aquaria – She did a really good job, I love how she moves around and brings the drama. I feel like her segment was the longest and it was mostly her doing her thing. Her skirt reveal was cute too, and gave me a two in one.

Getting out of Drag

Yuhua can’t tell the black queens apart.

source (7).gif

Kalorie needs to go, I am sorry I can’t with all these Kardashian references.

Blair seriously looks like a 14-year-old boy scout. Aquaria is right.

Monét wins the mini challenge! She deserved it because she totally worked it and was hilarious.

Main Challenge: Drag on a Dime

The queens needed to create million dollar looks with a bunch of junk from the 99 cent store. Bargain bin realness couture!

Can I just say how tiny of a person that Miz Cracker is in the confessional, she’s like a head on a stick! I wonder how big she is in real life. She talks about how poor she was growing up and how it influenced her drag, so this challenge is right up her alley!

Random Notes and Drama:

Blair and Dusty are using the same materials but I’m not sure who started first, it looked like Blair’s was almost already constructed before Dusty started? Not entirely sure what is happening there. Anyway the concepts are so different.

I think I got a little nervous for Yuhua because she was asking so many queens for advice on what she should do with her look. She needs to trust and believe in herself! Do I have to quote Ru? Vanessa can’t say accoutrements, she says coucoument instead, lol. Her attempts at reading the queens in the confessionals are fails.

Monique again shows that she has tons of confidence…

We hear a lot about Eureka’s struggles, and I feel for her, but hopefully this is the only episode we hear about it. I don’t watch the voice for a reason!!

I think this drama between Aquaria is Miz Cracker is forced, their make-up looked pretty different to me, and their looks were so different as well.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 5.05.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 5.05.19 PM.png

okay but now that I put them side by side.... girl they look similar. it could be a coincidence tough!

source (1).gif

Main Stage:

Ru looks AMAZING! Skeleton French Toile in a dungeon. Love it.

Aquaria Looks amazing. I loved her look, it’s so chic, she’s amazing on the runway. I literally watched it five times. The way she moves is so interesting.

Asia looked really good too. It was a mix of Lashon Beyond and Jiggly Caliente in the best way possible. Her make up is flawless

Kalorie – I’m not into it, its broke (down).

Blair looks really good, she is really elegant in the way she moves and all the different textures and the silhouette she created were really interesting!

Dusty – Did anyone notice how she puts the emphasis on Ray in weird way? Like DustyRAY bottoms, lol. Take that cone off your head girl. I hope she brings us more next episode!

Kameron – It was cute, middle of the pack. How many times are we gonna listen to talk about the dichotomy between genders?

Monét looks interesting and it was a concept but I didn’t love it. She couldn’t walk! She looked bulky too, the makeup on her face made her look like a Neanderthal with a huge brow.

The Vixen – I actually loved her bathing suit thing she made, it was really chic and I loved how she moved on the runway.

Mayhem – She looks Flawless, like Naomi Campbell and her outfit is incredible, it does not look like it’s made of garbage. Super super super super chic.

Monique Heart – I think it almost would have been more interesting if she didn’t wear the neck piece she made but other than that she looks really really good. Her plastic hair was giving me a little bit of the brains from Futurama when they came to attack, but it still looked good! I wish the bustier was more corset like though.

Vanessa – It was kind of sloppy with no shape, the tulle, I don’t know what that was all about. There was a lot going on.

Yuhua – She looked great, that dress was really chic and moved really well. I love her personality on the runway too.

Miz Cracker – She looked really really good, I don’t love the print on the skirt, but that really wasn’t her fault because it’s a shower curtain, but the 40’s Dior silhouette was on point.

Eureka – I totally forgot about her, so that’s why she’s at the bottom and not in order and I think that says something about her look.


Monique was gagged when she was safe. Girl its Ru’s show, just accept it and move on.

Is it bad that I wanted them to bring another queen for real to the show! That would have been really interesting. But I was also glad it was Xtina! Can you imagine what it would be like to just open your mouth and be able to sing like that. I didn’t like her impression of Farrah though! It was strange!!!! Hashtag not gagged. Although I was living for the clip of Xtina peeking through the curtains pretending she was looking at the queens looks.

Kalorie can’t take the critiques. Girl! That is how you grow, you need to take it, process it and then apply it to your next challenge, plus this was not a good look.

Blair – The judges like her and they are excited to see what she does next. I agree with them!

Dusty – Tin man extravaganza. I already talked about the cone, Michelle didn’t like it either and she wants to see her without dots and that looks like it made Dusty nervous!

Mayhem – The judges were gagged by her look, it’s true! It’s really good, it was super chic. She cried because she was so happy that she was getting good feedback. Ross brought it to this whole spiritual place.

Vanessa – She’s funny, but I can’t, it wasn’t cute. Not even worth a critique.

Yuhua – She looked good and the judges Liked it. I feel like she got mixed feedback though, like she ended up being in the middle of the pack.

Miz Cracker – She is hilarious, so funny, love all of her one liners, Ross called her the Serena Williams of Drag. I was cracking up when she talked about living in Harlem and people call her by name all the time. Can’t wait for what she brings to the competition.

Mayhem Definitely deserved to win this challenge (even though I wanted Cracker or Blair to because they are on my fantasy team!)

source (6).gif

The Lip Sync:

It wasn’t the best one, it wasn’t so memorable. I was waiting for Vanessa to turn it up and give it to me but she didn’t. Kalorie started twerking again, but like seriously am I the only one who isn’t getting twerking from her? Like it looks like she is barely moving her ass, there is no ass clapping happening. Vanessa tried to step it up, but her shoe fell off, if she broke a light you think she has to pay for it? haha

I can’t wait for some gag worthy lip-syncs.

source (2).gif

sashay away

Takeaways: Not in any specific order

Strong Contestants:

Miz Cracker

Middle of the Road:

The Vixen

Need to pick it up:


I still don’t really know much about Kameron and Blair but I am excited about what they will bring to the competition. I think Asia is going to be underestimated by the other queens, but watching her at home she looks like a front runner to me!

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