With 400+ boutiques and 3000+ designers, Garmentory is the only URL you need for emerging and contemporary fashion. Founded in 2014 by Adele Tetangco and Sunil Gowda, the curated marketplace of boutiques and designers began with a mission to support the #shopsmall movement and the people behind it. Today, we offer the leading edge of digital commerce to indie boutiques and emerging designers shaping the future of fashion for a global, all-access pass to find and refine your personal style.

Alexa Stark clothing is a reflection of the complex age we live in, creatively balancing the practical and the spectacle in women’s design. The label intends to unite form, function and premium materials, to create beautifully executed clothing. In working with sustainable materials, and recycling left-overs this brand seeks to do good from production to wear.

ALR Audrey Louise Reynolds uses right and left-brained instincts to create her dyes,and clearly there’s something to this balance -- dubbed the fashion world’s artisanal fabric dyer by the New York Times, and keeper of collaborators like Nike, Creatures of the Wind, and Barneys means she’s doing something right. All-natural ingredients, foraged and sourced from daily life, travels, and unexpected encounters. Everything from minerals, seaweed, squid ink, coral, shells, plankton, flowers, earth, can find its way into her boiling pot. The collection of ethically-sourced materials are produced with a love and positive intention that you can feel in each item.

Bulgarian shoe line, By Far, was founded in 2015, by longtime friends Valentina, Sabrine and Denista -- the name is a mashup of the founders’ sons names. Noticing a gap in the market for high quality yet affordable fashion footwear and realizing the potential and great tradition in producing handmade high quality shoes in their own country, the trio launched their collection of shoes. The line maintains a level of trend that is blowing up among trendsetters, with roots in conscious creation from luxury, sustainable materials.

Desiree Klein is a German designer who relocated from Berlin to LA. Klein’s original foundation in product design, allowed for a natural transition into designing a line of elevated apparel. Her current line is womenswear with some pieces doubling as unisex items. She makes timeless, detailed pieces, that are simple to wear, yet complex and smart in their structure and aesthetic.

House of 950 is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the reaction between the clothing and the person, awkward beauty, is actively charming, and explores comfort and ease within austerity and simplicity. Inspiration is a fluid concept, with the freedom to explore new visions and aesthetic approaches. Each piece is an exciting iteration of the empowerment that the wearer has to choose their personal presentation, in style and life.

Artist and designer Julie Thevenot launched her eponymous line of avant-garde, playful accessories and decorative objects in 2012. Thevenot moved to NYC after studying in Paris, and immediately felt electrified by the city’s constant buzz of energy. This free spirit and spontaneity is reflected through the line of daring accessories.

The Maria Dora line boldly experiments with color and texture, while staying true to an appreciation for details. The designer, of the same name is LA-based, with the collection hand-made in Palos Verdes. Rich palettes, and playful incorporation of cashmere, Japanese wool and mohair, aren’t for the faint of heart.

Open Air Museum merges minimal Japanese silhouettes with primitive sculpture for a design cross-section of art and nature. Designer, Shea Christner, has honed design skills from her days as a textile student at the Savannah College of Art & Design, in addition to her values of working with sustainable materials. Her love of slow, meaningful fashion, has resulted in a collection of thoughtful, made-to-order essentials, that get it right every time.

Pari Desai’s signature is a low-key approach to luxury that adds a warm, soulful use of color and texture to the ease of minimalism. The designer studied the tradition of tailoring and millinery before launching her line. This foundation in classic craft has landed the line on the racks of indie legends like Bird, No. 6 Store and Swords-smith.

Midwest-raised The General Public designer, Allison Reaves, makes at the cross-section of her grounded Montana values, and an appreciation for what is yet to be discovered. In keeping with this balance, she makes easy, wearable pieces that make sense for just about any woman’s wardrobe. In this honest space of synchronizing contrasts, perfection finds its awkwardness, harmony its spontaneity, and the individual, its community.

Home line, The Pursuits of Happiness, takes the mundanity out of everyday rituals, with a fresh palette, and playful details in each item in the collection. Founded by Oregon based couple April Brimer and Pavel Cherny, the brand draws inspiration from the oddities of the natural world and the man-made. Given the small batch production of ceramics, jewelry and housewares, each piece is truly something special.

Canadian designer, Sunja Link, began her eponymous collection is 2012. The line is carried throughout her home country, as well as top US boutiques. Her ethical line of swim and ready-to-wear a made from sustainable materials, sourced from fashion capitals of France, Japan and Italy, An unwavering attention to detail and sophisticated execution, make the brand an elevated take on everyday dressing.

Christine Young created multidisciplinary creative studio, Young Frankk, in 2012, as a place to experiment with creative concepts and modern jewelry. The assortment shows a curatorial eye in beautiful things. Top-notch boutiques with a flair for design aesthetic, including Concrete + Water, Poketo and Reformation are among the many getting behind the Young Frankk movement.

Mérida Anderson, the creative force behind YYY Collection, cannot can be boxed in. The multidisciplinary maker, has a fashion arts background, with a penchant for elevated ceramics, and her own roving supper club. YYY is the amalgamation of the creative communities she’s immersed in in New York, Montreal and Vancouver, with an eye that sees far beyond fashion.

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