Drag Race RuCap - Your Pilot's on Fire!!


This week's RuCap is going to be "mostly" images, mainly because I haven't watched the episode a second time yet. So I don't have any notes, which means I'll be winging it the whole way. Thanks to Ryan and Jenn for heading over to Flaming Saddles for the viewing. We were set up at our table like the judges panel. It was everything!!


The queens said good-bye to Farrah, sort of.  Sasha did another amazing impersonation of her whining.  And Sasha pointed out that Trinity made a joke.

This week's challenge is to come up with a pilot...write it, act in it, produce it and sell it.  They were told to themselves in 2 teams of 2 and 1 team of 3.  Ru explained that is math.

Shea and Sasha immediately joined forces.  Peppermint tried to get away from Alexis, but Alexis sunk her claws into Peppermint and dragged her back to join the team with Alexis and Trinity.  Which leave Valentina and Nina standing together, so they make up the last team.

Here's where the writing will stop (for the most part).  Enjoy the story in images.




Peppermint killed this runway challenge.  It was pure genius.  I have been waiting for weeks for this Club Kid runway and Peppermint has officially won me over.  And hold onto your pearls, ladies.  But Trinity was picture-perfect in her Club Kid gig.  Usually I just like to tear Trinity down on here every week, but girl totally impressed me with this look.  I still don't like her, but she is playing the game.

Alexis and Valentina didn't even do the challenge.  Alexis attempted to with her make-up , which I liked.  But that outfit had nothing to do with the challenge.  I hated it.


Alexis, once again, spoke up (this time on the runway) that she didn't stand out in the pilot because she was the producer and writer.  Peppermint was having none of that.

However, it didn't really matter because Valentina and Nina are the bottom 2.

So in the biggest upset in Drag Race Herstery, Valentina is sent home for not being prepared and just giving up (on herself and the show).  So crazy.  I really think that if Valentina has at least tried to do something (even though she didn't know the words), Ru would have kept her because she has been so strong all season.  But Ru had no choice but send her home.  Remember Charlie Hides who decided she would rather go home than lip sync?  Well, at least Charlie knew the words.

Homage to Valentina...

Moral of the story, don't dress like a matador when you have to lip sync.


Drag Race RuCap - RuCrew Makeovers

Spring Fling!

Spring Fling!