Drag Race RuCap - SNATCH GAME!!!


Biggie is out...that's farewell to Eureka.

Alexis condragulates Shea on the win, but it really not happy about it. She blames her runway outfit for her loss last week. BOO-HOO!!

Farrah went after Nina and her big black tear stain. And Nina isn't having any of it. But Farrah isn't convinced. She just jealous of the way Ru looks at Nina. Maybe that's because Farrah is so basic and boring, that Ru just doesn't want to look at her.

Alexis agrees that Nina's attitude sucks. And that some of the "fat needs to be trimmed" (Nina for being negative, Farrah for not being able to stand out and Cucu for just being Cucu).

Brand new day brings a brand new challenge.

Cucu is excited.  She's going to do the celebrity that she would have done last season if she made it that far.  But she didn't.  So we get it this time around.  I'll get into who all the queens do later in the post.  Right now, we just get to see the queens start working in the workroom.  Peppermint has never done an impersonation before (except for Britney during last week's challenge).

Ru is excited for Nina's character.  But first Nina gets a little lecture about her self-doubt.  So step it up, gurl!!  Ru is perplexed by Sasha's choice, mainly about how she's going to make her funny.  Sasha is also concerned because she doesn't think she's funny.  Alexis is doing a legend that has never been done before...and Ru couldn't be more excited about it.  But Ru warns that it has be done right, but also be funny.  Cucu confused Ru with her humor because she just wasn't funny.  She basically spoke in Spanish and then switched to English...and Ru wondered when the character was going to kick in and that it would be Cucu anymore.  Uh oh.

Denis O'Hare and Candis Cayne are this year's contestants for Snatch Game.  And I think they are great choices.  They certainly have to be better than Gigi Hadid and Chanel Iman last year.  They were terrible.

Trinity is doing Amanda Lepore.  I think this is an awful choice.  Amanda Lepore doesn't speak.  She has no catch-phrases.  All she's known for is being plastic (which Trinity can relate to).  But how you gonna make her funny.  All you can talk about is plastic surgery, and clearly you don't think that's a joke because you have done it all.  And her wig s too long (which will be a theme later in the episode).

Sasha Velour will be channeling her inner Marlene Dietrich.  And I think it's a genius idea.  She looks flawless, as usual.  Hopefully she can make Ru laugh with her dry humor.  And she does.

Aja brought back Alyssa Edwards (her second appearance as a contestant...fourth appearance if you count Alyssa's appearance as Katy Perry and Joan Crawford).  Aja's got nothing, except the wig and the tongue pop.  But that's about it.


Nina Bo'Nina Brown is taking a chance on another RuPaul alum with Jasmine Masters.  BRILLIANT!!!  Now that's a character that you can have some fun with.  If you don't remember Jasmine from the show, just go check out her YouTube page.  She is nuts...in a very different way than Nina.  Her voice and look and everything about her is on point.  Gold stars all around

Farrah Moan is taking on Gigi Gorgeous.  Who?  That's right, I said Gigi Gorgeous.  She is a trans woman who does YouTube make-up videos.  Wow...this is bound to be a mess.  Or maybe it will be amazing.  I don't know anything about this character, so I really have nothing to base it on.  So Farrah has a lot of work to do.  She did read Michelle Visage right off the bat by making a comment about highlighter (Michelle told Farrah she had on too much highlighter last week and it made Farrah have a breakdown during Untucked.  So good for you, gurl!!

Ring them bells, Alexis Michelle is doing Liza (with a Z).  Her look and persona are spot on.  I don't think it could be any better.  But I also think that it could get old really quickly.  Time will tell.  But first impression is that it's pretty fantastic.  Alexis is going for that win.  It would be really funny if someone beat her again...her head might explode.



Miss Peppermint is doing Miss Nene Leakes (who I really despise).  But it's a great character choice.  There are lots of things for her to do.  Her wig is definitely on point.  But she seems to not know anything about Nene.  Gurl, do your research.  This could have been a slam dunk character and you have already dropped the ball.  You even made Ru say "bloop" first.


Valentina is doing Miss Colombia.  Really?  That's a character?  In case you don't remember, she's the one that Steve Harvey crowned as Miss Universe...and then had to take it back because it was the wrong name.  He then apologized via tweet and spelled Colombia wrong (Columbia, like the university).  So there will be lots of crazy crying from her.


Shea Coulee (or Sheady Coulady as I now know her after DragCon), will be doing super diva, super model, super bitch, Naomi Campbell.  And I am all in for it.  I was secretly hoping that she would do Grace Jones because she looks so much like her and we would get an amazing outfit, but I'm OK with Naomi too.  She got the look and the attitude down.


Cucu is servingup some Sofia Vergara for us.  This is who she was planning to do last season.  So she had an extra year to perfect it.  The looks is pretty basic.  And she must have forgot that Sofia's boobs are enormous.  She rambled on about nothing....and it made no sense.  I ahd no idea what she was talking about....and neither did Ru.  She simply said, "She's smiling so I know she cracked a joke,"

Onto the game.  I don't have a lot to say about it.  I always want more of the game and less editing.  The producers really edit it down to show you who they perceive to be the tops and bottoms of the week.  There was a lot of Liza, Marlene and Jasmine (representing the tops).  And a lot of Peppermint, Farrah and Cucu (representing the bottoms).  But I think if they had shown more of Amanda Lepore, Alyssa and Miss Colombia, we might have seen a couple others in the bottom...as well as if we saw more of Shea, she could have been in the top as well.  But the producers run the show, not me.

In the end, there wasn't a single match made.  But who cares...it's Snatch Game.  And it's more about coming up with clever, funny answers.  I just wish most of them were more funny.  A lot of it didn't work for me this time around.  But I still love Snatch Game.  It really does separate the talented from the not-so-talented queens every season.

Back in the workroom to get into our Night of a Thousand Madonna Part 2...or the She-Quel...or Rudemption...looks.   Ru called it something different every time she announced it.  But it's to remedy the disaster that was Kimono-Gate last season.  So the girls are ready to bring it this time around. 

Peppermint came out as trans to the other girls.  And they were very supportive of her.  I have very mixed feelings about trans women as drag queens.  And there are debates to be had for both sides of the argument.  So I took it to  a real live drag queen, and personal friend, Lady Quesa Dilla.  I asked what the general feeling is in the drag community about trans women continuing as drag queens after they transition.  The response i got was that the drag community here in NYC is very welcoming of trans women.  It doesn't matter how you identify because doing drag is more about putting on a character.  Peppermint doesn't get all dressed up as Peppermint the character in her daily life.  That's just her job.   During the day, she's not Peppermint (I don't know her actual name).  So it doesn't matter if she lives her life as a trans woman.  She can still be a fierce drag queen as Peppermint to make her coins.  So I still don't know how I personally feel about it, but I'm much more OK with it now.  So WERK PEPP!!!

Time for the runway.  Ru is gradually stepping up her looks now.  The dress is good...the make-up is good...the wig is sitting a little farther back on her forehead but it still looks good.  So I happily say that this is the best she's looked so far this season.  Joining Ru at the judging table this week are our contestants from Snatch Game, Denis O'Hare and Candis Cayne.  As well as resident judges, Ross Matthews and Michelle Visage.  Personally I want more Ross Matthews and less Carson Kressley on the panel.


I don't know if they were told to bring a look that was Madonna-inspired...or a look that was Madonna.  So we got both.

Aja did Madonna from the Who's That Girl tour.  Its a decent replication.  Madonna's skirt was a little longer...and her jacket was a little more embellished.  But Aja's works for the most part.  Although I think she recycled the heart-shaped top from the lingerie challenge.  But I don't throw shade at a queen for being crafty and resourceful.  Madonna didn't wear that giant rhinestone cross for this look either.

Alexis giving us Breathless Mahoney realness from Dick Tracy.  She looks pretty damn good.  The only thing I can really fault her on is the wig.  It's good, but it made her head look really small compared to her shoulders.  But that's my only critique.  Girl turned it out.  Great dress and great make-up...and amazing curves.


Peppermint came out as the Material Girl in all her pink glory.  She looked good.  The dress was right...the gloves were right...the jewels were right...the hair (style) was good, it was just a little too white.  Overall, she kind of nailed it.

Then Shea came out in the same look...just not as good.  I din't like the black gloves, the black tips on the bow or the black shoes. And her necklace was all wrong.  The wig was good...and the only part that was better than Peppermint's look.  The wig was still to white, but the shape was good.  Her eye make-up was completely wrong for this.


Trinity went with the Met Gala look. I'm not sure why any of the queens would pick this look. It wasn't even that great when Madonna wore it.  I know that it's Givenchy , but it's still ugly.  Trinity got the tailoring right, but the print is actually wrong.  The belt is also wrong...adn the bangs are way too long (which Aja pointed out during Untucked).  Trinity chose this outfit because it allowed her to once again show off her fake ass.  I am personaly tired of looking at her fake ass...and her fake boobs...and her fake face.  You might have guessed, that I don't like her.

I didn't need one of those Givenchy looks, but here comes Nina voguing her way on to the runway in the same outfit.  Did we learn nothing from last season?  And why is she voguing?  If she was gonna vogue, she should have put on that Marie Antoinette gig and did that look instead. She might have won the  whole thing this week.  But she came out in a flannel shirt from Wal-Mart (which was a better representation of the print).  She also got the belt wrong...the necklace wrong..and some fishnet on her arms and chest.  Her bangs are at least right.


Sasha Velour killed it!!  This Erotica look is everything.  I thought it was the best replication of Madonna on the runway all night...while still staying true to Sasha.  It was truly flawless.  Michelle will critique her boy chest and pasties, but no one listens to her anyway.  It was perfection.  I hope everyone sees in Sasha what I have since her meet the queens video.  I'm obsessed!!!


Farrah went with Madonna's Superbowl  look.  And it's pretty near perfect.  The headpiece is a little off, but it's so spectacular to look at, that I don't care.  The cape swallows up her body a bit.  But when she drops it for the reveal, it's just magic.  The outfit is fantastic.  I love it.  She may have just saved herself from another lip sync against Cucu.


Cucu is bringing us Madonna's look from the Brit Awards 2015, complete with the cape snafu and falling down.  It's actually kind of funny.  But the hair is wrong.  And the cape is black instead of red.  Madonna didn't wear a sash at her waist.  The stripe down the side of the pants is god instead of red.  And I still don't like her.  She basically bought a matador costume at Party City and said, "This is fine" (but in a Spanish accent).


Valentina stole the stage with her Sex Book look.  DAMN!!!  This was pretty brilliant.  I thought she was completely naked and they just added the black bar censors for TV.  But once I realized it was her actual costume, I was even more amazed.  It was so good...and so original.  Or was it?  I am going to admit that I have heard a rumor that Raja, Raven and Delta Werk have been "coaching" Valentina on how to play the game...and doing a pretty good job of it so far.  But if you go back to last season's Fashion Photo Ruview of the Madonna runway, Raven said that she would do that Madonna look if she was given the challenge.  HMMMM???  So did Valentina come up with it all on her own?  Or was she "coached" bu Raven to do it?  Or did she just steal it from Raven altogether?  We will probably never know.  But she still look great!!


During the judging, Trinity, Aja, Shea and Valentina are sent back to safety...and to Untucked. Alexis, Sasha and Nina were deemed the tops...and Peppermint, Farrah and Cucu were deemed the bottom (and rightfully so).  They praised Alexis for her Liza and her runway...the same with Sasha.  They thought Nina's Jasmine was brilliant, but her outfit was not.  Farrah got a little big of a pass because her outfit was so good, even though her Gigi was boring.  Peppermint was read bad for her Nene.  And Cucu was read for everything.

Untucked continues to be a highlight for the season.   So much more good stuff with the girls.  Here are some highlights:

Shea's pubic hair is straighter than her actual hair.  Trinity hasn't had pubic hair since it first grew out of her.  Alexis was very happy this week because she got great critiques on her Snatch Game and her runway.  Sasha was worried that she was in the bottom, relacing Nina as the Debbie Downer this week.  Some queens went outside and dished the dirt on Alexis, stating that shegave Cucu the advice on her contour taht got read as being a mustache and that Peppermint wore Alexis' skirt last week when the judges read her for it being too basic.  Is Alexis being shady with her helpo?  Or does she just have bad taste?

Go watch Untucked for yourself!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP0eWpQqShM


Back on the mainstage, Alexis is crowned the winner this week.  And she wins a prize package of $2,000 from Sparkle Rhinestones (because rhinstones are for ugly people). 


Sasha and Nina are both safe...as is Farrah.  Which puts Peppermint and Cucu in the bottom to lip sync for thie life to Madonna's Music.


PS - look how high Ru's wig is on her forehead in that picture.  I told you!!

It's time to lip sync...and Peppermint is ready.  Well, almost.  First she's gotta hike up her skirt so she can dance.


Peppermint does a little bit of everything during this lip sync.  Including the robot...the running man...and a little James Brown shimmy across the stage.  Meanwhilte, Cucu does the splits...again.  And words continue to evade her.  How can she not be able to lip sync to any song?  Was her lip sync this bad last season?  Or were we blinded by her lack of roller skating abilities and her red shorts from 1980?  WHY IS SHE BACK???  Well, Peppermint is not done with her yet.  She decided to pull out a gun and finish her off...for realz.


And that is the end of our beloved, Cucu.  May we never have to hear her name again (until they talk about her on the next episode).  She was brought back for her cancer story...and her Pulse nightclub story...and her story about how she works with HIV+ men...and once those stories were done, the producers has no choice but to get rid of her.  Bye, Cucu!!!


Next week we flash back to the 90's with 9021-HO...and our very special guest starts Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth.




schön mag : killing time

schön mag : killing time