Drag Race RuCap - RuCrew Makeovers


Valentina is gone...have we all gotten over it yet? Well, neither has Nina. She feels responsible for Valentina being the bottom last week because she can't enjoy anything fully. Everyone else is shocked, but they don't blame Nina. And soon, everyone is over Nina's whining and complaining. No one wants to try to cheer her up for actually winning the lip sync...and who can blame them. But there's no time to waste because Ru is already walking into the room.

No time for a mini-challenge either because there is lots of work to do this week.  It's the make-over challenge.  And this time the ladies will be making over some real men...the crew of RuPaul's Drag Race.  Not the Pit Crew, but the actual crew.  And most of the queens seem happy about that.


Well, maybe not Peppermint...

Here's the crew rundown...

Sarge = camera operating; Aaron = art coordination; Rizzo = hot (and set PA); Brady = sound operator; Josh = PA; and Duncan = DILFY (and the Associate Director).

SaShea gets to assign the people out..and do a really great (and fair) job of it.  Shea took Josh (for the family resemblance); Sasha picked Duncan; Nina gets Aaron; Pepper gets Sarge; Trinity gets Rizzo; and Alexis gets Brady.  They work all around so no one can claim shade.

Guess what??  Nina still can't sew.  I'm not sure if we're supposed to be surprised by this since it's only been about 2 weeks and no one there taught her.  But she's going to try to make, not one, but two outfits for the runway this week.

Shea explains that her role model is Naomi Cambell and asks Josh who he looks up to on the runways of the world.  He could have chose anyone and he picked...Natalie Portman.  And I have to admit that it made me very happy.  Shea was a little concerned with that choice.

The queens practice walking in heels and stomping on the runway.  And discuss tucking...

Ru comes back to the workroom and uses the references "2 Live Crew" and I wonder how many people got it.  I did because I'm old.  Google them and listen to some of their music...it's life changing.

As Ru walks around, we find out that Brady is sassy and will be taking over for Michelle Visage next season (and I'm OK with that).  Duncan's son will probably have pointers on how to walk in heels since he's been doing it since he was 2.  And Sarge is just a natural qween!!!

Ru tells them that in addition to the make-overs, they will have to lip sync to her terrible song, "Click Clack" as well.

Nina is still trying to sew.  But she can't remember how to thread the sewing machine.  So she asks Shea for help.  And being the good, Christian woman that Shea is, she shows her how to do it.  Trinity, however, just thinks it's the wrong time in the competition to learn to sew.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Duncan are just having too much fun!!

And now, the part we were all waiting for.  Trinity's tucking lesson...with Rizzo.  I think we would have all volunteered ourselves to pull it back for him (in the most professional way).  But Trinity knows the secret...

Ru's dress was awesome...that's all I have to say about.

This week's guest judges were Zaldy (who made the dress Ru was wearing)

and Ke$ha (who forgot to wear a top and just let her boobs hang out.

The runway starts off with Trinity Taylor and Glittafa Dayze.  Trinity (and Glittafa) wore another bathing suit.  Maybe that's the only thing she can sew and that's why she wears them every week.

Shea and Bae Coulee were in black and white (gowns?).  It was messy.

Alexis Michelle and Rye Anne Stardust went for a space-age, Barbarella theme.

It was a look that we may have seen when Alexis walked into the workroom for the very first time.  MAYBE...

Nina Bo'Nina and Ariana Bo'Nina Brown went with a dominatrix bunny look.

Sasha and Dunatella Velour went high fashion and werked it out.  And got Sash'a branding out there too.

Peppermint and WinterGreen chose sleeves as their theme??

Then the lip sync for your job to "Click Clack" happened.  It was ridiculous and fun.  And WinterGreen clearly won.

The judges talked to the crew members a little one stage.  Here's what they said...

Glittafa Dayze - "the pain is real"

Bae Coulee - "proud to be her sister"

Rye Anne Stardust - "a big, voluptuous slut"

Ariana Bo'Nina Brown - "the teams were all so sweet"

Dunatella Velour - "I learned from watching you (Ru)."

WinterGreen - " I knooooooow"  (in response to Ke$ha calling her gorgeous)

The the judges privately critiqued the queens.  And what they said about each queen is pretty telling as to who they want to stick around.

Trinity Taylor - "had the look and the choreography"

Shea Coulee - "let her sister down"

Alexis Michelle - "not sloppy"

Nina Bo'Nina Brown - "very arts and crafts this week"

Sasha Velour - "she was really enjoying herself"

Peppermint - "outfits were hard to look at"


Alexis once again has a lot to say.  And by a lot to say, I mean a lot of excuses.  She's tired of the judges saying her looks are basic.  And she wants everyone to know that she made those outfits.  She didn't make them there in the workroom, but maybe she made them at some point in her life.

Trinity wants another win because she wants to be the first queen to have 3 wins.  Except that Shea already has 3 wins.  But Trinity doesn't count those because 2 were part of a group win.

Nina announces that this will be here last Untcucked, starting a giant lecture from the other queens.  Nina even says that she's debating whether or not to even lip sync because she doesn't have the fight in her this time.

Shea tells her, "don't throw it."  Trinity reminds her "you are a big brother/sister to someone you don't know, so don't give up, just do your job."  Peppermint simply says, "I don't want to use this last time together to be trying to cheer Nina up."  And Sasha, usually the voice of reason, is just over it.

The crew sisters brought in some snacks from Hamburger Mary's...and I was a little jealous and hungry.

They also brought a little bit of shade to the party.

Shea is disappointed in herself...and Nina finally realized that she needs to pick herself up and do her thing.

Back to the runway...

Trinity wins.  She gets 2 custom gowns from some designer  And as a bonus, Rizzo gets a $2,000 gift certificate to Klein Epstein Park (that's where Ru gets all her suits).  Sasha and Peppermint are safe.

Alexis....bottom 3, but safe (for now).

So Shea and Nina are lip syncing to Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer."  What can I say about this lip sync.  They both knew the words.  Shea moved around a lot more than Nina.  But it was pretty boring.  Neither really did big tricks, which I'm fine with.  But it just seemed to move in slow motion.

In the end, Shea gets to shantay...

And Nina is sashaying away...with the worst tagline in herstery.

And Ru say, "I just might,"

I liked having Nina on the show.  She made it interesting.  But it was her time to go.  I'm sure the producers expected her to be sent home by Valentina last week, but Valentina had other plans and just blew it.  So Nina got to stay an extra week.  And I was tired of Michelle ripping on her looks on the runway.  I'm not sure why Michelle had such a problem with Nina wearing a body suit and thigh-highs every week with her infamous breastplate, but doesn't seem to care Trinity wears a bathing suit to show off her tuck and ass every week and wears the same breastplate.  This is why I hate Michelle Visage so much.

My favorite part of her packing was when she kissed her titties and thanked them for doing a good job.  I would have done the same.  So shake those titties once more time for me, gurl!!

The Hole Opening: Joakim Ojanen and Ryan Travis Christian; and Holten Rower

The Hole Opening: Joakim Ojanen and Ryan Travis Christian; and Holten Rower

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