Drag Race RuCap - Gayest Ball Ever!!!


I typed up an amazing RuCap this week, but the site didn't save it. UGH!!!! So I'm trying again.

The episdoe started with Shea wiping down the mirror. And Nina Bo'Nina Brown left her a little shady message about hoping that it would be hard for Shea to get the lipstick off. This wasn't it, but I like this one more.

We got a mini-challenge this week.  Only our 3rd one of the season, but it's always a fun one.  WHY???

Yes queens, everyone loves puppets!!  They all selected their puppets from the big pink hole.  Alexis was terrible, but Ru gave her a pity clap.  Shea and Trinity were meh.

Peppermint has a funny gag.

But Sasha took the win with her interpretation of Trinity "the tuck" Taylor.  It was brilliant.  And Shea finally won a prize that she can use, a $500 gift certificate to Today Tix.  She also gets to be the choreographer for the opening number in the maxi-challenge, which doesn't really seem like a prize.

Speaking of the maxi-challenge, it's time for a ball.

That's right, it's The Gayest Ball Ever!!!  And I'm living for it.  I love all things gay.  And the gayer, the better!!  Categories are:  Rainbow-She-Betta-Do; Sexy Unicorn; and Village People Eleganza Extravaganza.  YAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!  But first, the opening number will be just as gay as the challenge because the queens have to perform a rhytmic gymnastics ribbon routine to one of Ru's songs.

During the rehearsals, some shade went down...and the producers always try to make it look as messy as possible.  Alexis got her feelings hurt again.  She feels that she is only one on the show that knows how to put a show together.

And Alexis couldn't let it go in the work room either.  She blamed Sasha for not being a good leader.  But Sasha snapped back and said that everyone was talking over her.  And she even went after Shea for talking over her a little.  I think a lot of this was manufactured by the producers to create some drama this season.

Ru visits the work room to chat with the ladies.  She talked to Sasha, who doubts her construction skills, but is going to rely on her intellectual side.  Alexis was spoken to by the turquoise baubles (pronounce tur-qwa).  Even though she just said that she would never wear that color when Peppermint put her in a turquoise gown.  Shea just started deconstructing a bunch of flannel shirts.

But let's get to the runway, because we got a lot to get through.  This week's guest judges are Joan Smalls (who was actually a good judge) and Andie MacDowell (who can just stay because she's amazing).

One with the opening number.  It was silly and fun...and yes, gay.  So I think it worked.  It had no real point in the challenge, but I liked it.

I would just like to thank the producers for actually showing us all 3 looks of the queens.  I was afraid they were going to do another fast-forward runway to save time.  But they let us see it all and I appreciate that.

The queens are asked who should go home.  Shea and Sasha agree that it should be Alexis (who then complains that no one said anything about her looks back stage and only waited for the runway to read her.  Not again, girl.  It is your responsibility to check yourself.  No one there is your momma.  Anyway, Alexis picked Peppermint.  Trinity also picked Peppermint.  And Peppermint picked Trinity.  All's fair in love and war.  I'm a little surprised that Trinity and Peppermint didn't pick Alexis.  But whatever.

Backstage while the queens untuck, Alexis brought her attitude with her.  She first came for the judges.  She clearly thinks they have no idea what they are talking about.

And then she just lost her mind.

But Alexis and Peppermint go off to listen to their lip sync songs.  They knew they would be fighting it out.  Although I think Trinity was a little too cocky to think that she wouldn't be lip syncing this week.  Because it was really a toss up between Peppermint and Trinity to lip synch against Alexis this week.  But she couldn't be bothered.

Alexis also got a video from her mom and stepdad.  She cried...and then immediately shut it off.  It was weird.  And really showed how completely phony she is.

Back on the runway, we learn that Sasha wins!!!

Oh wait, she didn't win.  WHAT??  Instead Joan Smalls decided that Shea Coulee was the winner because it was more drag...and Sasha was more fashion.  Whatever, bitch.  So Shea gets another win.  And Sasha gets screwed for the second week in a row.  Even though Ru clearly stated that Shea would have been read to filth from the ball children for not wearing a rainbow dress.  Trinity is given a respectable 3rd place finish, mainly for her cop inspired look.  However, she wore 2 bathing suits with cut-outs...AGAIN.  And then wore a bathing suit with a sheer skirt.  But still didn't get read for it.

So Peppermint and Alexis are lip syncing for their lives this week.  I expected a really good battle this week and I was a little let down.  Peppermint certainly did her thing...and didn't repeat anything that she did the first time she lip synced.

Alexis was a big let down this week.  But at least she tried.  She seemed really low energy and maybe that's because she knew in her heart that she was done.  But the girl wore 2 inch character shoes out there.  So she should have done a lot more.  And of course, she was sent home.

And then the delusion continues...

And then we get a little tidbit from Sasha...


Drag Race RuCap - Category Is

The Hole Opening: Joakim Ojanen and Ryan Travis Christian; and Holten Rower

The Hole Opening: Joakim Ojanen and Ryan Travis Christian; and Holten Rower