Drag Race RuCap - Category Is


We start off by bidding a fond farewell to Alexis, who signed her mirror message "Miss Dickpig Continental." Yes, you read that correct.

Sasha reminds that Alexis really wanted to be in the finale, but this was her time to go.

She also thought that she should have won last week because she actually did a rainbow look.  

Michelle comes in this week to let the queens know that they have write and perform an original verse (about themselves) for the RuPaul new classic, "Category Is."  They also have to learn individual (and a little bit of group) choreography to perform while they lip sync to their verses.  And they also have to be a guest on Ru's podcast, "What's the Tee with Michelle Visage."  That's a lot of work.


Shea - wanted to do a really fast rap, or spit rhymes if you want to go with what the kids are saying these days.  She stumbled a little bit, but pulled it together.

Trinity - girl can't sing...and has no rhythm.    This was rough.

Peppermint - killed it.  She knew exactly what she needed to do and did it.

Sasha - really struggled, but listened to Todrick and got through it just fine.

PODCAST - brought to you by Squatty Potty (for the poop of your life)

Peppermint shared that she has had a hard time balancing her day/night life as a trans woman and drag queen.  Other queens told her that she would never work again once she transitioned, but I think she's gonna be just fine.

Sasha talked once again about her mother and all the missed opportunities that she could have had if she shared her drag persona with her mom.  Also, her dad is called Papa Velour...and I love that.

Shea was teased for being the only black kid in the white neighborhood...and then teased for talking too white at church.

Trinity's biggest regret in life is that she told her grandma that she hated her right before she passed away because they got in a fight about Trinity being gay.


Todrick wants to challenge each queen, based on their own skill level.  I appreciate that because not everyone can dance all that well, but everyone can move a little bit.  Peppermint got her routine down pretty easily.  Sasha can't dance, but wants to rise to the challenge.  Trinity is a mess (Todrick likened her rhythm to watching her on skype).  And Shea is a dancer and a dancer dances.

Ru finally showed up in her promo dress (that she ripped off of Naomi Smalls' paper dress from last season.

And the judges are just family this week...Michelle, Ross and Carson.


The boy dancers are hot in their little harness tops.  It was a little distracting.  But Peppermint killed it.  She nailed the performance.  Her outfit was not my favorite and was a little ill-fitting in places.  Maybe she borrowed it from Alexis Michelle again.  The moment Sasha crawled onto the stage, I was in.  She figured out how to make the choreography work for her lack of dance training.  And her outfit was exactly what you'd expect her to wear.  Trinity...oh, Trinity.  That outfit may have been my least favorite of the season.  What was she wearing (or not wearing)?  The only explanation that I have is that she wanted it to distract you from her lack of rhythm and missing some of the words during the lip sync.  But it was not good.  Shea nailed her dance moves and sold the performance.  Again, the outfit was not one of my favorites for her.  It was a little basic for what she wears.  I did like her orange hair.  Overall, it was fun and I enjoyed watching it.


Peppermint is wearing a big, old dress...and I don't love it.  The top half of her looks great.  But that hoop and skirt were terrible.

Sasha's look was completely on brand...the dress, the crown, the gloves.  It worked.

Shea was the worst on the runway tonight.  I don't what she was thinking with that Beyonce knock-off.  And her boobs were attached to the bustier and moved with it and not with her body.  And at one point, I could see her boy nipple behind it.  And the blue hair did not work with the outfit.  BAD!!!

Trinity actually won the runway this week...and boy, did she need it after that performance.  Her gown was gorgeous.  The beading, the cut-out and the chains all worked for her.  What didn't really work for me was the flat, asymetrical hair.  I wasn't a fan of that.  But not enough to ruin the look for me.

How many of you passed out because I said something nice about Trinity?


Some people don't like this segment, but I really appreciate it.  Being from the middle of the country originally, the children there need to hear some of these stories.  And I always tear up during them (for sad and happy reasons).

Peppermint won the night with her story.  "Everything you feel on the inside is right and don't wait to express it."

Sasha celebrated her oddness. "You will think many negative things about yourself:  strange looking, too femme, weird; and all are true.  But don't run from those things because they are what make you amazing."

Shea gave a weird story.  "You are loved and you will experience things that will make you into the person you are today."

Trinity made you want to root for her.  "Things are going to get really bad for you with your family and you will experience death and disease.  But those things will make you stronger.  And one day you will find the thing that gets you throught...drag."


Peppermint - wants to shed a message of love and light and to connect with the gay community and those who aren't necessarily part of our community.

Sasha - wants you to know that the future of drag needs to be able to do something new and new things can seem a little strange and will walk in with a scream (remember that?).

Shea - reminds us that she's been committed this whole time and gave 100%; she may have stumbled once, but she has succeeded more than anyone else.

Trinity - feels she has grown the most as a person and an entertainer; she's never known stability in her life and this would give her that.

So...some were good and some were meh.

LET'S LIP SYNC (everyone)

RuPaul's "U Wear It Well" is the song du jour.  Everyone did a good job.  No one really messed up anything...nor did they do anything special.  It was 4 ladies doing their thing on the stage.  And all get to move on to the finale.

Here's my ultimate break-down of why no one was eliminated.

Peppermint and Shea were the best at the performance, but wore bad outfits.

Sasha remained true to herself (this whole season) and made the challenge work for her.

Trinity won the runway.

Peppermint and Sasha had great stories for their younger selves.

Sasha had the best response to why she should win.

Because they were all strong at something, they couldn't decide who should go.  And they needed 4 people for the finale to work this season (rumors).


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