Drag Race RuCap - 9021HO


The episode starts with Shea calling Peppermint a lip sync assassin. Yes, qween...WERK!!!

Trinity proclaimed herself the new Cucu.  And I can only hope that's true, because that means she won't be around too much longer.  Oh...she meant this cucu.

Nina has decided to let her guard down and just have some fun.  Then Shea reiterated the exact same thing to Nina.  And said that she will not be helping her no more because she is now a threat in the competition.

Sasha untied her wig and did a spot on impersontation of Farrah (as a boy) whining.  It was perfect!!!

Trinity offered to "help" Valentina with her Madonna look costume and ending up ripping Valentina's nipples off in the process.  And Valentina predicts that it will not be the "Alexis show" because she finally won a challenge.

Ru announces that it will be an acting challenge.  Then does her best Meryl Streep when delivering the line, "Freeze, you honky bitch."  To which Trinity assumes she's talking to her because she's the only "honky bitch" left.  Ummm...does she know what a honky is?  There are a few other white people left in the competition, I think.  Or maybe Trinity thinks honky means white trash.  I mean, she did home school herself (as we find out later).  In which case, she is correct, she is the only "honky bitch" left.

Anyway, the challenge is to act in the hottest new dramedy, 9021HO.  Obviously a spoof of 90210.  With special guest directors (and judges), Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.  It's a flashback to 1993, which Farrah proudly states is the year that she was born.  All the other contestants (except for Valentina and Aja) moan and groan at her for being so young.  Ru even cursed her out.

Peppermint gets to assign the parts this time because she was a lip sync assassin.  Apparently that's the new twist this season.  But she asks the girls who they would like to be.  Of course there was some overlap in the choice roles.  But Aja is the one who has the issue this time around.  And is a huge baby about it.  Alexis told her to grown up and just accept the part.  And Aja said that she doesn't have to.  So Shea offered to switch parts with her, but Aja doesn't want to appear that's she's being a brat.  So Peppermint makes the ultimate decision to swap the parts.  And Aja seems much happier for a brief moment.  Then says that she feels "childish."  To which Sasha says, "You should."  YES!!!

Farrah gets very confused by the word, quirks.  Apparently she was home schooled by Trinity as well.  And they are playing mother and daughter this week.  Alexis has advice for everyone because she is the resident 90210 suprfan.  Don't wear your ponytail like that...how to properly pronounce Grandrea (like An-dreee-ya, not Gron-dray-ya)...and for everyone to fix their eyebrows.  She knows it all, girl.

Jennie and Tori will be our directors today.  And they do a little scene for the girls before it begins, complete with a slap off.  Let's be honest, everyone knows that Tori would win this fight if it were real.

They love everything that Shea is doing for her character, and I couldn't agree more.  She looks ridiculous and is just hamming it up for everyone's enjoyment.

Nina gets some critiques from Jennie, and falls back into her super-guarded self.  And even gets sassy with her.  Jennie mentions that Nina hates her...and Tori agrees, of course.  There's even talk of Nina killing Jennie later. *crosses fingers*

Farrah can't remember Valentina's character's name.  It's Monna Dartin.  Like Donna Martin from the actual show, but the first letters are switched.  Oh wait, Farrah has never seen this show.  She was just born the year it came out.  I guess that gives her a little bit of a pass.

Sasha needs to lighten up and not be so severe.  Just have fun with it, girl.

They loved Trinity.  She was stealing the scene as the mom.  Very funny.

Alexis is boring in a ridiculous role that could have easily been a doubled part for Valentina.  But it's also the role that Alexis picked for herself.  I guess she figured that she won last week, so she can do as little as possible this week and get by.

Valentina is super whiny like Donna Martin was on the show, so it works.  It's also reminiscent of Farrah Moan in the workroom.

Peppermint and Aja have to make out.  At first it's really awkward.  When they are told that they have to actually kiss, these girls went at it.  And it became very uncomfortable and gross for me.

Aja is completely terrible at the role that she cried about not getting.  Big surprise!!  We all know that she knows how to be a bitch because she is one.  All she had to do was act like herself.  Big fail for her.

Back in the workroom, Aja is feeling stupid about the way she acted (because girl messed up). And now realizes that she has got to slay the runway.

The workroom chatter turns to high school because the challenge took place in a high school. Alexis went to her school's winter formal with a boy, but they both went in drag.  Valentina was the prom king (not queen) for her school, of course.  Trinity didn't get to experience all the high school fun stuff because her mom passed away from AIDS complications when Trinity was 8 years old.  Her mother was an exotic dancer (I'm not sure why that's relevant to the story) and had a drug problem.  So she was raised by her grandparents.  But then her grandmother got terminally ill (with cancer) and Trinity dropped out of school at 16 to take care of her.  This is when she home schooled herself, which I'm pretty sure is something that you can't do.  So basically Trinity dropped out of school...the end.

Shea's father also had cancer (he may still have it, I wasn't totally clear on that part).  But her dad never accepted her doing drag until he was diagnosed.  It helped him put life in perspective.  And he fully acknowledges that Shea is an artist and drag is her expression of that artistry.  YAY DAD!!  And now he fully supports her.

Sasha's mother also had cancer.  But Sasha's mom wasn't supportive of her doing drag at all.  But when her mother lost her hair through chemotherapy, Sasha shaved her head.  Her mother thought she couldn't be beautiful without hair (that sounds very Southern), so Sasha became a bald queen to show that you can be bald and beautiful.

Aja mentions that she can communicate with the spirits if Sasha ever wants to talk to her mother again.  Sasha called her the Bed-Stuy Medium...and offered to bring the chicken for the reading.

Ru looks good again this week.  But as per usual this season, her wig line is on top of her head.  Girl, pull it down.  I loved her dress though.  Carson is back on the judging panel this week, which means Ross is out.

The category is BIG HAIR EVERYWHERE...I love it!!

Valentina came out first as Diana Ross and proclaimed that she's only wearing 4 wigs.  Well, that's good girl, but could you have styled them rather than just placing one on top of the other and adding some flowers.  I didn't love it.

Farrah came out with an enormous blond wig that she called a cross between RuPaul and Dolly Parton...and she was kind of right about it.  I loved her wig and her outfit...she looked good.  Her runways seem to be her strongest suit lately.  I wish I could have found a picture of it, because I did like it.

Trinity came out with her usual pageant wig, but on steroids this time.  I did not like her wig.  It certainly was big, which was the challenge.  But it wasn't very good.  And her outfit was so tacky.  That vagina zipper and butt floss panty were terrible.  We got to see her ass once again this week.  Why isn't Michelle calling her out on giving the same look every week like she usually does?  Oh...because Michelle likes Trinity because they are both tacky queens.

Sasha stomped the runway in a punk-inspired look this week. She looked amazing and really took the challenge in a completely different direction that anyone else.  Her mohawk and pony-tail were big, but very unexpected.  Her outfit was only good as a bathing suit because she hasn't done it before on the show.  So it worked for her.  It was very Cher Turn Back Time video.  One of the best looks on the runway this week.

Peppermint came out as Chaka Khan...and it worked for her.  She looked good.  The dress was fantastic...and the wig was good too.  Way to bounce back Peppermint...and I'm sure Michelle was happy that it wasn't pink this week.

Nina is channeling her inner Crazy Cat Lady this week.  She is so creative with her looks and they turn out amazing every week.  And I appreciate that she switches it up.  We don't get the face-painted characters every week.  She jumps back and forth with them and that makes them more interesting.  You know that she's not a one-trick pony (like Trinity).

Shea had on a great wig and a really cute outfit altogether.  You know that I hate a bathing suit...and I did hate her bathing suit.  But I loved her jacket and the Big Gulp prop.  She made it work for her.

Alexis came out as Ursula the Sea Witch.  Many queens have done this look (not on Drag Race)...and many queens have done it better.  I really hated everything about her look this week.  The wig was terrible...and her hair dress was unflattering (and ugly).  Sadly, I couldn't find a picture of this monstrosity, but this is pretty close.  Just imagine the wig in black.

Aja came out in a cage dress, which I actually loved.  Her wig was pretty basic as a queen of hearts wig, just in white instead of red.  And her make-up wasn't bad this week.  Overall, she did a pretty good job on the runway.  I wouldn't call it a slam dunk, but one of the better queens this week.

Onto the show...9021HO

Poor Nina can't act, but she's trying.  Trying really hard to be a little white girl from the valley.  Apparently that's where she thinks Beverly Hills is.  She was playing the Shannen Doherty character.  I didn't bother to get all their names.

Peppermint was very perky, but that's all I got from her.  Nothing great.  I'm not really sure why she wore those braids for this challenge either.

Shea was genius.  So funny.  So clever.  She got everything right with this one.

Farrah was fine.  Not great, not terrible.  She had good scene partners to act with so that helped her out.  But they stole the scenes from her.

Valentina was good.  Again, I didn't think she was great, but she had her character down and stuck with it through the show.

Sasha was fine.  She didn't stand out.  And her sense of humor really got in the way of this character.  She needed to be crazier and much more straight-forward funny.

Trinity stole the show with her crazy mother character.  She was funny...and nuts.  She did exactly what she needed to do with this one.  For not having one of the main characters, she really had the best role in the show and she used that to her advantage.

Alexis was boring.  I have nothing more to say.  She might as well have not even been in the challenge.

Aja was awful  Girl can't act.  And she was playing a character that was kind of an extension of who she really is.  So it was just a big fail for her this week.  She also chose to wear her braids and it just made no sense.

Overall, I loved this little skit that they did.  It was fun...and funny.  

And as someone who watched 90210 back in it's hey-day, I appreciated all the silliness that they did.  It was actually very true to the show, even though the show wasn't supposed to be funny.

Trinity and Shea were the stand-out performance...Nina and Aja were by far the worst up there.

Farrah, Peppermint and Alexis are sent back to safety first.  I agree with Peppermint and Farrah, but I thought Alexis should have been in the bottom group this week (for both the challenge and her runway).


Farrah is just happy to not be in the bottom this week. She gets to relax with the other girls for a change.  Peppermint knows that she needs a win.  She's only been safe or in the bottom.  They all think that Trinity won this week (I still think it was Shea).  Peppermint informs us all that Aja doesn't taste like Cheetos (that must be some inside joke because I didn't really get it), but that she actually tastes like spinach (or something else healthy).  I would personally prefer Cheetos.

They all agree that Aja's attitude is going to be her downfall this week.

Farrah sheds some light on her high school experience.  And she hated it.  She was bullied and given death threats.  But all she wanted to be was one of the pretty girls, which she totally is now.  But then...

The tops/bottoms join the girls backstage.  Nina immediately goes to learn her lip sync song, so that Alexis can't make her stick around to lecture her.  The girls discuss who they WANT to go home.  Or at least that's the question that Trinity asks.  And no one wants to answer it.  Alexis and Peppermint agree that they definitely want Sasha to stay.

Then it's asked who is the biggest competition.  And Trinity only think there are 2 people that are her competition.  Shea and Alexis(???).  Not Valentina?  Not Sasha?  Alexis!!  She thinks the judges see something extra in Alexis...and also in herself.  So that's her reasoning.  But again, she home schooled herself.

Aja had some ass pad struggles.  So Trinity "helped" her out with them.  But if you look later in the episode, they were still a mess.

There's a surprise video message for Farrah this week, from her mom.  We learned that when Farrah's daddy took her to the store to get some boy toys, she came back with a bag full of Barbies.  Awww...cuz that's what she wanted to be.  And her mom told her to bring that crown home to her.  I feel like Farrah's mom deserves the crown more than Farrah.

It's pretty much a concensus that Nina and Aja will be lip syncing for their lives this week.  But Sasha still practiced her song anyway.

Nina feels that she deserves to lip sync this week.  And she just wants to prove herself to the other girls and let them know that she's here to stay.  Was it strategy that she made herself fail at the challenge?  I doubt it, but you never with that crazy girl.

Back on the main stage, Trinity is crowned the winner this week and gets a $2,000 gift card to fabric planet, even though she doesn't make her own outfits.  I stand by my opinion that Shea should have won, but they can't let her win every week.

Shea, Valentina and Sasha are all safe.  And as predicted in Untucked, Nina and Aja are lip syncing to CeCe Penniston's "Finally."  Aja took off her cage dress to get ready.  Then she kept stepping in front of Nina the whole time.  But Nina didn't let that deter her.  She just did her thing.  Nina stuck with the old-school way of lip syncing...she just sang the song with no crazy tricks.  They both did a back-bend at the same moment in the song, Nina was on her knees and Aja was standing...it looked really cool and kind of planned.  Then the moment happened when Aja lost the lip sync for herself...she did a cart-wheel into a jumping split.  AGAIN!!!  She did the same thing during her first lip sync.  Once you do a trick...don't do it again.  Nina just did a little vogue walk across the stage and shook her titties, like a professional.

The results are in...

Just kidding.  Nina wins.

Aja is sent back to Brooklyn.

She admits that the show is much harder than she expected.  She thought she was just going to walk in and win.  Ah, youth.  But she had a good time and learned a lot about herself from the other girls.  Then she left some of her clothes for Nina because Michelle told Nina to stop wearing body suits and corsets.  That was really nice of her.  I hope they fit Nina and she gets to use them.  Aja's final words..."Every dog has its day...WOOF!!"

Next week is the roast.  EEK!!  I don't know if any of these girls are funny enough to pull that off.  I hope it's good.  My DVR cut off before I could hear who the extra special guest is.  But I'm hoping it's Bianca del Rio who will just read them all.

I have one final question...WHEN IS THIS RUNWAY HAPPENING???

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